Running and Walking for Fitness in Sutton Park

At SE Fitness we encourage you to join us and get fitter by starting to walk or run on a regular basis.  We have over 300 regular runners and walkers so we can find a group that is right for you.

Each group has a Leader and YOU are their priority.  They are there for you from your first step to your last!  Most of our Leaders are qualified and if you are new to exercise or not exercised for a long time let them guide you through our Beginner Programmes.  Alternatively you can join our regular running or walking groups.  Sessions take place in beautiful Sutton Park whenever possible.

Founded by Sally Ellis, a former Olympic Marathon Runner, our focus is fitness rather than competition although you might find an element of friendly rivalry if you want it!

We have had runners join our beginner groups – barely able to run for a few minutes without stopping – only to go on and finish a marathon two years later.  If this sounds like it could be your kind of thing why not come and give SE Fitness a try?  Who knows what you could achieve?

We hope we see you at SE Fitness soon,

Helyn and John McConnell

Photo of Helyn and John