Grand Prix 2016 – 2017


The SE Fitness Grand Prix runs from September 2016 to July 2017.


The Grand Prix events are listed at the bottom of the page.  You enter as many as you like and then you win points depending on your finish time compared to other SE Fitness members in the race.  For most events we award 5 points to first man and woman (from SE Fitness), 4 for second man and woman, 3 for third, 2 for fourth and then 1 for all others.  Everybody who runs the race gets at least one point and you can also pick up extra points if you run further or faster than you have before (see Extra Points below).


For the Grand Slam events there are 10 points available.  The Grand Slam are:  Great Birmingham Run, Great Midlands Fun Run and our own Time Challenges.  For these first man and woman (from SE Fitness) 10 points each, 2nd 9 points each and so on until 1 point each for all finishers.

Only your best 5 events will count towards the final award (your events with the most points).  If you do more than 5 events we will just pick your 5 with the most points.

If you wish to be included in the Grand Prix you have to tell me your time (via email or noticeboard) within 2 weeks of the event. It is your responsibility to enter the events and to provide your time.

Only current members qualify to win.


First Timers:  If this is your furthest race ever eg your first 10km/ half marathon event then you get 5 points!

Personal bests:  For those who have run faster over a distance than ever before eg if it is your fastest ever 10K.  For Personal Bests you earn an additional 2 points!

Season’s best : Once you have done your first 5km/10km of the season (September – July) any other 5km/10km that you run which is faster becomes a Season’s best for which you will earn an additional 2 points! You can gain 2 points for every Season’s best.

When you provide your time you have to also let me know if you qualify for a PB or SB! (Please note you can’t earn both PB’s and SB’s on one run).


  • Some races do not have as many SE Fitness entrants as others.  These are a great way to pick up points!
  • Improving your speed over a season helps to earn points because you can win 2 extra points for a season’s best.
  • Look out for Grand Slam events with 10 points available.


SE Fitness will update the Grand Prix points after each race and publish the current standings except for the last races of the season.  Winners are announced at the Summer Social!






1st Place and Grand Champion Corinne Neville

2nd Place Helen Gould

3rd Place Helen Sieracki


1st Place Rob Tipping

2nd Place Simon Campbell

3rd Place Sam Crawford



GRAND PRIX EVENTS 2016 to 2017 (Not all dates yet confirmed)

1) Little Aston 5 mile Road Race & 2 mile Fun Run 4th September 2016 (

2) Lichfield 10km Road Race 11th September 2016 on line entries Boldmere Bullets charity race will also qualify for Grand Prix points.  On the same day so all times for both races will be put on one sheet and points allocated accordingly.

3) Great Birmingham Run Half Marathon 16th October 2016 (

4) City of Birmingham 10km, Sutton Park 23rd October 2016  on line entries

5)Cancer Research Tough 10K Cannock Chase Saturday 19th November (NEW GRAND PRIX EVENT TO REPLACE CANCELLED CINDER PATH)

6) SE Fitness 5km & 10km Time Challenge 3rd and 4th March 2017.

7) Fradley 10km Road Race Run 12th March 2017.s

8) 7 Pools 10km Cross Country, Sutton Park 19th March 2017.

9) Lichfield Half Marathon 7th May 2017.

10) Hill West 10km/4km Cross Country, Sutton Park tbc

11) Great Midlands Fun Run 8.5 mile 4th June 2017.

12)  Aldridge 10km Road Race 11th June 2017.

13)  New Grand Prix event just for 2017 – Run Fest Wales.  2 Points for everyone taking part whether running 5k, 10k or half marathon distance (no individual time points) plus the usual points for furthest ever, seasons and personal best. 24th June 2017. (

14) Summer SE Fitness 5km & 10km  Time Challenge, Sutton Park provisional Friday 30th June and Saturday 1st July.

15) Shenstone Fun Run 10km, Shenstone tbc  ( Sunday 2nd July.

All dates are provisional – some entry forms are also available @