Half Marathon Training

Half Marathon Training

If you are planning your first half marathon this Autumn or are a seasoned half marathon athlete you might want to join SE Fitness for your long training runs.  We will be running longer distances over five weeks starting on Saturday 1st September.  Our last long run will be Saturday 29th September giving us a taper week in advance of Birmingham Half Marathon on 14th October.

You are welcome to join us for all or any of the dates just turn up!  It can really help to train with others and it makes it more enjoyable and achievable.

If you are new to the distance we will be holding a talk before the run on 1st September so meet in SE Fitness HQ at 8.15 for an informal chat with me Helyn McConnell about preparing for your half marathon.  We will cover topics like training plans, fuel and kit.  I am a regular runner and walker who loves spending time outdoors.  I’ve run several half marathons and trail runs and am also a UKA Coach in Run Fitness.  My aim is to get you to the start line feeling healthy, prepared and confident.  I want you to enjoy the training feel the benefits of getting fitter, working towards a goal and achieving something wonderful.  I want you to feel great at the end – tired but great!

Training Dates

  • Saturday 1st September 7 miles (meet early for informal chat about preparing for your first half marathon)
  • Saturday 8th September 8.5 miles
  • Saturday 15th September 10 miles
  • Saturday 22nd September 11.5 miles
  • Saturday 29th September 12.5 miles


  • Meet SE Fitness HQ 8.30am for 9.00am start.
  • Week 1 meet 8.15am for Half Marathon Training Tips.
  • Warm up on track and run in Sutton Park and surrounding roads.
  • Run on tarmac or good paths.
  • Run with others – really helps the miles fly by!
  • Suitable for those who can run 10K.  These sessions are not suitable for those who want to walk the half marathon.


  • For Go Monthly members an extra £1 per week.
  • If you are not using your Go Monthly it is £4 per session


Suggested Training Plan for First Timers

This programme is for you if it’s your first time or a long time since you ran a long distance.  We recommend that you do at least two runs in the week plus a long run.

Make the programme work for you by scheduling the runs into your calendar and fitting them around your other commitments: work, kids and so on.  You could swap one Long Run for a race.  This would give you race practise.  I’ve suggested Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays as run days but you should pick the days of the week that work for you.  Plan in rest days around the run days to give your body time to recover.

The long run is key but you should aim to fit in a total weekly mileage building up from say 12 to 25 miles.  I know this sounds a lot but there is no easy way to build your endurance!


Week Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1 45/55 min easy Rest 30 min tempo Rest Cross Train 7 mile long run Rest
2 45/55 min easy Rest 30 min tempo Rest Cross Train 8.5 mile long Rest
3 45/55 min easy Rest 30 min tempo Rest Cross Train 10 mile long run or race tmrw Rest
4 45/55 min easy Rest 30 min tempo Rest Cross Train 11.5 mile long run or race tmrw Rest


45/55 min easy Rest 30 min tempo Rest Cross Train 12.5 mile long run Rest


45/55 min easy Rest 30 min tempo Rest Cross Train 55 min run race pace Rest


45/55 min easy Rest 45 min easy Rest Rest Rest RACE DAY



Easy Pace – Feels comfortable, you can talk in sentences!  A run with Run Fitness group.

Tempo Pace – Comfortably hard pace, you can say 2 or 3 words no more.   Go out for a run with a harder group than normal or Speedwork on Wednesday’s at 7.30pm would be an alternative.

Cross Train – Cross training is really important to develop muscles not used so much in running and to help avoid injury.  Try a swim, cycle or do Pilates/Yoga or a strength workout.



Other Groups

For those who do not want to join the training the following groups continue as normal:

  • Walk to Run
  • 5 to 5
  • Run Fitness
  • Walk plus