Option 1 – Pay as you Go

Just £3 per session.


Option 2 – Pay monthly

Monthly pricing

Most of our regular members pay monthly which has a number of benefits:

  1. Cheaper
  2. Saves you having to remember cash – just turn up and run or walk with no change jingling about!
  3. Many members like to feel they have made a commitment and that it helps them create an exercise routine.

When do I pay?

  • 1st of the month – you pay for the current month.
  • What if I join mid month? Pay £3 per session until your standing order starts.

How much do I pay?

Starter Package

£10.50 (£7.50)/mo

  • Any one session per week
  • £3 per additional session

Standard Package

£17.25 (£11.75)/mo

  • Any two sessions per week
  • £3 per additional session

Platinum Package

£21 (£15)/mo

  • Unlimited sessions

Prices in brackets are for those in full time students under 21 and those over 65.


What about if I miss a week?

Sorry sessions can not be carried over.

What about holidays?

We will hold all our Regular Programme through out the year except Bank Holidays (Wyndley Leisure Centre closed).

Who controls the payment?

You do! This is not a direct debit arrangement you are entirely in control of setting up the payment and cancelling it.

What do I do next?

You can fill in a form (available from you Leader) or the best way is to setup the Standing Order online or with your bank.  We can provide you with bank account and sort code for SE Fitness.


We do not normally offer refunds because the Standing Order is entirely within your own control.