Run Fitness

SE Fitness Run Fitness groups are some of our most popular.  The groups run at a steady pace for 45 to 55 minutes depending on the session.  These groups are very social for those who like to chat as they cover the miles!

Run Fitness 1 pace is around 12 minutes per mile, Run Fitness 2 pace is around 11 minutes per mile.  If you don’t know how fast you run then we can help get you into the right group.

Our runners who successfully complete our 5 to 5 course (5 minutes to 5K) move into these groups.


How far will we run?

Run Fitness 1 run between 3.8 and 4 miles.

Run Fitness 2 run between 4 and 5 miles.

We will also help you with good running technique, tips for difficult things like hills and pace.


Where will we run?

We run on the trails in Sutton Park except on dark evenings when we use roads that surround the Park.  We follow a number of different routes and our leaders are always there to make sure you go the right way.



‘I really enjoyed my run.  I’ve never run in a group and it was very relaxing to not to have to think about pace, direction or crossing roads.  The group you put me with were very friendly and helpful in the initial stuff like doing a warm up lap and a quick stretch.’ Ian (54yrs) March 2014


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