Have Fun, Get Fast!

All the experts agree that you need to vary your training to get the most out of it.  Join SE Fitness on Wednesday evenings for our ‘Track Night’.  Mixed interval sessions designed to:

  • Improve your pace.
  • Build stamina and improve endurance.
  • A fun sense of camaraderie.

Each week we provide three different levels and buddy up beginners with someone who runs at a similar pace to you.  The sessions are designed to get you running faster than normal but over shorter distances, in time your body should adapt to the new pace so that it feels comfortable.  We time the session and email your times to you so that you can keep track of your progress.

The session starts on the track at 7.30 but arrive 10 minutes early to warm up.

Below is the Speedwork programme for November to December 2016.  This gives you an idea of the type of session and the different levels available.  Do come down and give it a try.  The difference it makes is AMAZING!

November 6 Week Course 2016
    Group 3 Distance Group 2 Distance Group 1 Distance Notes
Week 1 26-Oct All 3 mins with 90 second recovery repeat x 4 then 2 mins with 1 min recovery repeat x 8.
Week 2 02-Nov 6 x 1K 6000 6 x 800 4800 6 x 400 2400 Book the Speedwork xmas party table!
Week 3 09-Nov 8 x 800 6400 7 x 800 5600 6 x 600 3600
Week 4 16-Nov 400;800;1200;1600;1200;800;400 6400 400;800;1000;1200;1000; 800;400; 5600 300;600;800;1000;800;600;300 4400 Tough 10K Cancer Research Trail Run Cannock Chase
Week 5 23-Nov 6 x 1200 6000 6 x 1K 5600 5 x 800 4000
Week 6 30-Nov (600 x 3) 3 reps jog around the track between each set of three 5400 (600 x 3)(400×3)(600×3) jog around the track between each set of three 4800 (600 x 2) 3 reps jog around the track on ‘rest’ laps 3600 SE Fitness Christmas Party

Not sure if Speedwork is for you?  Read up what one of our regulars, Rosie Thompson has to say about it.

‘Right, a few words about why speedwork is awesome: I joined SE Fitness specifically for the track sessions, as I wanted to improve my half marathon time and couldn’t motivate myself to do the sessions on my own. I was so nervous as I didn’t know anyone and thought I would be too slow! I needn’t have worried though, as everyone was so friendly and encouraging, and pushed me to do my best. The advantage of running in a small group at the track is you get a lot of coaching and advice on how to improve. When you first start you get paired up with one of the regulars so you have someone at your pace to follow, so it’s not as daunting as it may seem. You also get your times emailed to you each week, and this is great motivation as you can see yourself getting faster!

18 months on, I have taken 13 minutes off my half marathon time (that’s a minute a mile!), and run a personal best in nearly every race, from 5k to marathon distance. Speedwork has given me the confidence to push myself that little bit harder, and achieve more than I ever thought possible. Not bad for someone who is not a natural runner. Finally, the reason I love Speedwork so much is that it’s fun, and I’ve made some great friends from the “we’re in this together” mentality. When the going gets tough we encourage each other, and that’s what SE is all about. Yes you will go home tired, but also with that “runner’s high” from working hard and knowing you will see the results. I would recommend Speedwork to anyone.’