All New Grand Prix Autumn Mini-Series

Brand new for Autumn 2019!  SE Fitness Grand Prix Mini Series!

All about encouraging everyone to take part.  Some new events and some old favourites.  Winners and Runners Up announced at the Christmas Party!


How it works

  • Separate competitions for Men and Women.
  • Points awarded for every event completed. Sometimes points for time, sometimes for finishing see table below. Points for volunteering.
  • Points for Personal Best eg your fastest ever. If it’s your first race at that distance it’s automatically a PB!
  • Points for improvement. There are three 5K events and 3 10K events in the series. If you get faster claim points when you improve.
  • The winners are those with the most points in total.
  • Last event SE Fitness parkrun (C25K graduation) on 16th
  • Prizes for 1st and 2nd in both categories awarded at Christmas Party 5th

*Time Points

Time points are awarded based on your time compared to other SE Fitness runners in the same event. Send your time to or message 07788 628755 after the event and I’ll work out the points. Men and Women points awarded separately.

  • 5 points for the fastest
  • 4 points for second fastest
  • 3 points for third
  • 2 points for finishing.

Personal Best

You can claim 5 points for a personal best (PB) if it’s your fastest ever run at that distance. If it’s your first race at that distance it is automatically a PB! You have to claim your points when you submit your time.

Improving Points

In our mini-series there are three 5K events and three 10K events. If you do two events and your second one is quicker claim 3 ‘improvement’ points with your time. You can claim 3 points each time you improve.  You can only claim Personal Best OR Improvement Points for one event not both.

Any Autumn Half

Complete ANY autumn half marathon between 1 Sept and 30 Nov and claim 10 points for completing the distance. You can claim 10 points for any half marathon.  Everyone who joins us for Windsor Beer Run and finishes the half marathon can claim 10 points even if already claimed 10 for ‘Any Half’ eg you can claim two half marathons but only if one of them is Windsor.

Volunteer Points

Claim 5 points for volunteering at a November Sutton Park parkrun or helping with our half marathon training. Message Helyn to claim your points.

Parkrun age category

     Claim 5 points if you win your age category at Sutton Park parkrun event 16 November.


Event Distance Road or Trail Date Points Awarded
Little Aston 5 Mile



5 miles Road 1st Sept Time Points *
Walsall Rotary Club


5K or 10K Paths 29th Sept Time Points *
Tamworth 10K


10k Road 6th Oct Time Points *
Windsor and Eton Brewery Run Festival


5k, 10K or Half Marathon Road and paths 19th Oct 5K 5 points

10K 7 points

Half 10 points


SE parkrun

Win your parkrun age category



5k Trail 16th Nov Time Points *

Plus 5 points if you win your age category!

Complete a Dark Run. It can be our own ‘Moonlight’ run, Rutland Water dark run or any other.


Any Any Any time in November 5 points
Volunteer to help with SE Fitness half marathon training Saturdays Sept / Oct 5 points
Volunteer at Sutton Park parkrun     During November 5 points
Complete any Autumn Half Marathon     Between 1 Sept and 30 Nov


10 points