SE Fitness Water Wipeout

Water Wipeout

Saturday 6th July

 Join us for some Muddy Good Fun this summer. Water Wipeout is the ultimate and award winning obstacle race. It has water slides, tunnels and all sorts. With a great medal, photos and T shirt for bragging rights afterwards! Find details on the website:

This type of event is less about the running and more about the obstacles. There is a 5K and 10K version so any of our runners can join in. You need some courage and a sense of humour more than great running skills for this one. However being generally fit will help you get the most out of it.

Book Your Place

At this stage you need to register for the race. Go to the website and ‘Sign Up’. We all need to register for the same time slot 09:30 and under team SEFITNESS. Let me know when you’ve booked on.

These races are expensive but we get a 10% discount when we get 10 into the team. I will use this to go towards the coach.

Prices rise at the end of this week 29th March so register now! Please read the disclaimers!

Details and Times

Time Where
07.15 Coach pickup Wyndley
08:30 Arrive Water Wipeout Nottingham. Start 9:30 so one hour to get ready, last toilet stop, etc.
11:30 Reckon about 1 hour for those tackling 5K and 2 hours for those doing 10K. Back to coach around 12:30 for transfer to pub!
13:00 Reservation made at Gamston Lock pub for lunch.   Doesn’t look posh but does look hearty and close to Water Wipeout!
15:00 Back to coach for journey home.
16:00 Expect to be back at Wyndley for around 16:00

What to bring and wear and top tips!

  • Your SE Fitness top obviously!  I’ll be wearing short sleeve though some like long sleeve to protect from scratches.
  • Long trousers (as you will get covered in scratches from the tree branches) or short trousers and long socks.
  • Wear your oldest pair of trainers as they will get wrecked (last time I threw mine away).  If you have trainers with extra grip these are good.
  • Fingerless gloves, ie like weight training gloves that have grip at the palm. You can get these from TK Maxx or Poundland. As you will be grabbing onto trees and branches to help yourself our of the mud at times.
  • A black bin liner or big bag that clearly shows your name on. So that you can change out of your muddy clothes and put them in this after.
  • A change of clothes to wear to the pub that are warm and comfortable. Jeans are hard to get on after as you’ll be wet, so leggings or joggers or running trousers are best.
  • Wetwipes, a towel (large enough to wrap around you to protect your privacy!) and any other items you may want to get dry and clean.  I believe there are cold showers but are you brave enough?!
  • Some money for your lunch and you can also buy snacks, tea/coffee at the event.
  • Lube up! Vaseline between your toes and anywhere else you get chafing.
  • Bring a drink and a snack for after as you will be starving and very thirsty when you finish. Coke (full fat!) is very good for a quick energy blast and for killing any watery germs.  A few cans of cider / bottle of Prosecco is great for celebrating on the coach afterwards.  To my mind this is the best bit!


The main cost is the Water Wipeout itself. This type of event is expensive unfortunately it’s the organisation that goes into them and the cost of insurance etc. Event cost £50.

Coach will depend on final numbers but allow around £15 each.

Food at Gamston Lock depends on what you order but have choice of several main meals for around £10.


See you there SE Fitness Water Warriors!!