Showground Relays 2019

Showground Relays 2019

Wednesday 12th June

Join us for something a bit different on Wednesday 12th June. Stafford Harriers Showground Relays. A chance to run as teams!

Teams of 4 each run a 2 mile lap. Starts 7.30pm so you have to be able to get to Stafford Showground, ST18 0BD for 7pm.  More details:

There is large car park but no showers. We put up the gazebo so bring your picnic or buy supplies at the café and shop. It’s a social evening as everyone is in the same place so bring your kids along. There’s a family team so they could even join in!

Everyone gets a medal but, best of all, there are lots of categories so maybe even a chance to shine! Not being rude but I think we might have a good chance in the older ones! Categories listed below, there’s one for ‘Best Team Name’ if you don’t fancy your chances at anything else!!      

To Enter

Email me with your Name, Age and DOB.

If you are in a team (or have a good idea for a team name let me have that as well).

I’ll do my best to put everyone in a well-matched team.

Cost is £25 per team or £6.25 per person. Pay in the usual way eg cash, cheque or preferable bank transfer.

SE Fitness Teams 2019

Run Order Family Team Symes Total Age
1 Ariadne Symes F
2 Neve Symes F Family Team
3 Jonathon Symes M
4 Emily Symes F 109
Tangerine Dreams
1 Julie Hughes F Female Vets
2 Karen Matthews F
3 Jenny Campbell Williams F
4 Vanessa Brown F 189
Cool Runnings
1 Kerry Challoner F
2 Jen Quirk F Female Team
3 Colette Perkins F
4 Kat Payne F 139
SE Fitness Super Men
1 Gordon Robinson M
2 Andy Snape M Male Supers
3 Nigel Barnes M
4 Ben Lyons M 205
SE Fitness Golden Oldies
1 Neil Insley M Male Ultras
2 Andre Smith M
3 Dave Hodson M
4 Malcolm Payne M 241
SE Fabulous Female Supers
1 Alison Stewart F Female Supers
2 Michelle Stammers F
3 Amanda Baxter F 201
4 Helen Sieracki F
SE Fitness Striders
1 Jon High M Mixed Team
2 Kelly Florey F
3 Jess Merriman F 193
4 Mike Stanley M
Run Like Hels
1 Helen Hodgkiss F Female Supers
2 Helen Morris F
3 Helen Johnson F
4 Hazel Robinson F 227
Built for Speed
1 John McConnell M Male Vets
2 Dave Matthews M
3 Mark Crawford M 158
4 Richard Bayliss M
Reserve! Helyn McConnell F

Prizes are awarded to the winners in the following categories.

1 Male Team (Open)
2 Female Team (Open)
3 Mixed Team (at least 2 females)
4 Male Veteran team (over 160 years team total age) eg average age 40
5 Female Veteran team (over 160 years team total age) eg average age 40
6 Male Super Veteran team (over 200 years team total age) eg average age 50
7 Female super veteran team (over 200 years team total age) eg average age 50
8 Ultra Super Vets (over 240 years team total age) eg average age 60
13 Works Team from a place of work eg factory, shop, office etc
14 Family Team Four members of the same family including at least two children 16 years or under