Friday 27th February


A bright morning and perfect conditions.  We had 30 runners in total and a very warm welcome to Sharon Lewis and Nicola Walters who were running with SE Fitness for the very first time.

And they’re off…………



Everyone is a winner………. But here is the actual winner!  Corrinne was first back over 10K in 49:00.  She says it’s her first ever timed 10K, how brilliant is that?


Derek Bobbit was the fastest man over 10k in 58:24.  Not bad for a man in his seventies!

Three of our Run Fitness ladies crossing the 10k finish line in fine style.  Well done Del, Iggy and Judy.  Mandy took a great picture of Judy you can just about make out her right foot!


Over 5k Adam Page first man home in 21:39, shortly followed by Alison Stewart first woman home in 23:23.


John Braniff did a personal best at 26:10 which probably makes him our fastest Veteran!


Well done to everyone who took part, I hope you are pleased with your time.  Many thanks to leaders Neil, Michelle, Amanda, Mandy, Becky who helped to make it a great morning.

Full Results

5k Results

First Name Surname Time
Jon Braniff 00:26:10
Adam Chambers 00:21:51
Gail Conway 00:28:02
Cath D’Costa 00:29:59
Francesca DeWater 00:27:21
Vanesa Dormi 00:33:00
Hilary Goodreid 00:34:55
Rich Hammond 00:25:59
Karen Harris 00:35:31
Angi Hodges 00:38:38
Sharon Lewis 00:34:07
Diane Murthwaite 00:34:30
Amrutha Nell 00:29:31
Adam Page 00:21:39
Liz Peak 00:37:35
Dawn Roberts 00:30:27
Mike Stanley 00:29:49
Alison Stewart 00:23:23
Rosie Thompson 00:24:17
Jenny Turner 00:25:31
Nicola Walters 00:34:10


10K Results

First name Surname Time
Debbie Baxter 01:04:19
Derek Bobbitt 00:58:24
Judy Brieger 01:07:02
Claire Cockayne 00:58:58
Dalbir Gill 01:07:02
Iggy Johal 01:07:02
Marie Lewis 01:11:52
Corrinne Neville 00:49:00
Michelle Stammers 00:58:58



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