5 to 10K

Once you can run 5K then you are ready to take the next step and join our fabulous 5K plus groups.  Our goal is to help you develop your running skills and progress gradually and confidently to running 10K.  From there we hope you will join our Run Fitness and Run Plus groups.

5 to 10K sessions are led by experienced Leaders who will work with you to improve your endurance and develop your technique. We run at around 12 minutes per mile and take place on a mix of roads and trails in Sutton Park, or surrounding roads on darker evenings.  We want to introduce you to the joy of trail running as well as pounding the pavements.

These are small, social groups who are all at a similar level and on the same journey together.

5K+ meet on:

  • Monday 09:30
  • Monday 18:30
  • Wednesday 09:30
  • Wednesday 18:15
  • Friday 09:30
  • Saturday 08:30


‘So…as a newbie in January , and someone who hated running I’ve found this an absolutely amazing group of people and leaders. I never thought I’d continue past 2 weeks- but when I can’t make it on an evening / morning now I’m gutted, it’s even made me go out and try a run on my own (which admitedly I hated – but goes to show how much the running in a group is so important).
The leaders know their stuff and pushed me to try the 5km-10km group when they decided maybe the C 2 5Km was not challenging me enough- I’d never have moved up to the next group without their encouragement.
I love the variery you put into the runs, ie hills, loops, moon light on the park. Keeps it interesting.’ Dawn


‘I thoroughly enjoyed my first session on Monday (5k to 10k programme). I was able to even achieve a personal best which was an added bonus! Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and as i have only ever ran by myself, it was so reassuring to speak to other runners to know that its ok to have good and bad running days, or stop when we need to or tackle almighty hills! I am back again for my second session this evening – hi vis in tow. ‘ Latisha


‘I really enjoyed my run.  I’ve never run in a group and it was very relaxing to not to have to think about pace, direction or crossing roads.  The group you put me with were very friendly and helpful in the initial stuff like doing a warm up lap and a quick stretch.’ Ian (54yrs) 

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