Walk 2 Run

Get started with our Walk to Run Course!  Our aim is to get you outside and exercising regularly.  We finish the course with a group 5K ParkRun (expecting to walk and run some of it) and coffee to celebrate!

  • Build your fitness and confidence gradually.
  • Starts with more walking than running.
  • Suitable for anyone who can manage a brisk 30 minute walk.
  • Friendly, experienced Leaders in Running for Fitness.
  • Super supportive atmosphere.
  • WhatsApp group for new runners.

The course builds gradually over 12 weeks.  Our aim is to get you to a stage where you feel super confident about taking on the next step which is our 5 to 5K.  This builds up from 5 minutes’ continuous running to 5K continuous running.

Walk to Run and 5 to 5 start in January, April and September.  If you want to join at another time please call Helyn on 07788 628755 and we can see what will be best for you.



‘I know I’m in the right place, I’ve had Becky and Joy as leaders so far and they are brilliant at encouraging me and making me feel positive about running. Let’s hope I can achieve 5 minutes of running – one day’…Tracy, January 2018

‘Just wanted to say that Becky is a great leader, she warms us up well, has great attention to detail with all runners and never leaves anyone out!’ Ellen, September 2017

‘The walk to run group is just brilliant. I’ve never ran in my life so it was great to start … thanks so much.’ Amarah,  May 2017

‘I made it last night for my first session, I was very nervous, hadn’t a clue what to expect, and I was quite pleased with myself at the end. I admit I did really struggle at the start and walked more than ran, but Tammy was brilliant and stayed with me, talking to me and motivating me, and before I knew it had distracted me, and I was running for 2 minutes! the rest of the group were great and very encouraging.’ Caroline, January 2016

‘Just been for my first fun 2 run session….loved it, was hard work but running with others and a brilliant instructor got me through it!’ Emma C, January 2016′

‘I came to my first Fun 2 Run session on my own which I found hard, but the leaders put me at ease very quickly. I also came to the curry social on my own but again felt very welcome. I now look forward to my run session and hate it if I ever have to miss it.’ Charlotte Roberts , September 2014

‘SE Fitness running for absolute beginners was recommended to me by a friend. Now I love it……in fact I get withdrawal symptoms if I have to miss a session’ Lisa Baker age 44yrs, October 2014

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