Beginners Walk

Do you have half an hour to spare? If you would like to get back into exercise following an illness or injury or just start from the very beginning this is the group for you. We offer a gentle walk  either using the athletics track or the park.

Suitable for those wanting to lose weight, improve health, recover from injury/surgery, or just refer a gentle stroll rather than a brisk walk, our Beginners walk takes place every Wednesday at 11am.

How far will we walk?

As far as you are comfortable with – half a mile? no more than 2 miles

Where will we walk?

Tarmac roads in Sutton Park


‘I know I’m in the right place, I’ve had Becky and Joy as leaders so far and they are brilliant at encouraging me and making me feel positive about running. Let’s hope I can achieve 5 minutes of running – one day’…Tracy


‘Quick message to say thanks to Becky for a lovely walk yesterday morning. It was my birthday and what a great way to start the day with SE Fitness walking pals.
Been meaning to message you Helyn to tell you a visiting friend joined us on a walk a couple of months ago and said she wished she could find a like minded organisation in her area. She remarked upon not only the excellent walk itself but the wonderful vibe in the group. Many thanks to you and our walk leaders for providing us with both fitness and friendship’….Debs


‘Since I have attended the beginners walk my blood pressure is normal for the first time in many years’…. Anita


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